Day Trading

Day Trading does not need to be confusing! In this course we should you some of the most reliable ways in which you can gain context and structure in your trading! We show you some of the tools professional day traders use to identify support and resistance zones, as well as estimation of possible day […]

Ultimate Candlesticks

Every day sees a massive battle between the Bulls and the Bears resulting in the movement of price. In this course we should you all the secrets revealed by candlesticks. Candlestick analysis is one of the most popular technical analysis tools, and should not be reserved for professionals only to use! Jump right in… we’ll […]

Risk Management

This course focusses on how to protect your trading capital. These are some of the MOST IMPORTAT lessons you can learn when trading! We show you how to survive randomness and probability, and introduce you to the three tools used by professionals to manage risk!

Trading Basics

Understanding The Basics of Trading. Every expert was once a beginner! This course provides a quick yet thorough introduction to the basic concepts of trading, the importance of risk management and how to always trade within the context of what is happening in the market in general. Learn the difference between the various types of […]