Earnings Season and its Impact on Stock Prices

Each year around this time, investors and traders look to the various market analysts to get a glimpse of what the future holds for some of the major US stocks. Analysist comb through mountains and mountains of financial and economic data to come up with what they reasonably believe to be a company’s ability to […]

Bear Traps, Patience and the Wisdom in Following the Market

I have received numerous questions and comments from traders asking how they could have proactively positioned themselves to take advantage of the huge selloff in the NASDAQ and other indexes that occurred over the past two weeks or so. So I thought it appropriate to spend some time looking back at a practical example posted […]

Different Trading Styles

There are various different types of trading styles, and matching your own personality to the one most suitable is critical to your own trading longevity. Certain types of trading signals and strategies definitely favor certain market conditions and more specifically, trading styles. A lot depends on the time one intends to be in a trade, […]

Possibility vs Probability

The sequence of randomness can kill ya I know this example has been used all over the place to explain this concept of possibility vs probability but honestly, in my opinion, it’s the best and easiest way to explain a basic concept which can get very technical very quickly, so for simplicity sake, will stick […]

What Type Of Trader Are You?

I clearly recall how I felt when I first started working in the dealing room. The learning curve was crazy steep! I felt soooooo intimidated. There literally were thousands of permutations of everything to consider when making trading decisions. These could range from different types of trading strategies, entry and exit techniques, types of correlation, […]

Preservation of Trading Capital

Undoubtedly One Of The Most Important Lessons To Learn Preservation of Capital will have a direct influence over how you are to manage you trading, everything from style, position size, types of securities you choose to trade, all of which has only one single purpose in mind, to keep you in the game for as long as possible. A […]

Managing Your Emotions

Why do you trade? In my experience and for the broader population out there, for many it is to experience the adrenaline rush when the market moves in their favour? For some it’s a game of wits, where they try to outsmart the market. Some people are just wanting to change their stars. My own core belief is […]